Sunday, August 21, 2011


Sadly I am back from vacation and back to reality...It's always hard to get back into the swing of things, like unpacking and a week's worth of laundry, not to mention having to cook and do dishes and all of the things that accompany life.  But I did have a great vacation. 

I was at York Beach, Maine, which is actually where my book takes place.  So I thought I would post some pictures so everyone could see some of the actual spots in my story...

So this is Long Sands Beach in York, where my main character, Mandy spends some time....Beautiful beach on a beautiful day...

This is Short Sands Beach in York, which I don't really care for myself, but it is mentioned in the book so I thought I'd give you all a glimpse.  

This is the Goldenrod restaurant in York, which plays into my story a bit...really good breakfasts and I also love their grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches!  Yum!

This is Surfside Restaurant, where my main character ends up on a date... :)

The Fun-O-Rama on Short Sands beach, another bit of a stop in my book...

The view looking down along all the souvenir shops in town...

And finally, this is Nubble Lighthouse, which plays a significant part in my book!

I hope you guys enjoyed my "virtual tour" of the hotspots in my book.  Perhaps I've piqued your interest enough to download a copy... :) 

Check back soon as I'll be posting a new excerpt from my book within the next couple of days!  :) 

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