Sunday, August 7, 2011

First Book! I did it!

So I'm happy to report I decided to write a story, and I actually finished it!  It's actually more of a novel, as it's about 80,000 words...I was going to try to get it published, because that would just be so cool to actually have written a book and then have it physically sitting on a shelf with my name on it, but, I have heard it's nearly impossible to get stuff published when you're just a nobody and know nobody.  So I've decided to go the Indie route, as in publish it myself.  I've discovered you can publish books for free on the Kindle and the Nook, so as I own a Nook, I decided to try that out first.  I'm still in the process of checking the story for errors, but I hope to be done soon and if uploading it is as simple as the Pubit! website claims, it should be up for sale very shortly.  I'm not looking to make a million off of this book (although don't get me wrong, I would love that!), but I had fun writing it and I'm glad I wrote it, so I am hoping there might be some people out there who would want to read it too.  I'm pricing it at .99 cents, so it's not like it's going to break the bank if you buy it.  If you do buy it, I'd love to get some feedback, good or bad, honest opinions!    As for the story, I would say the genre is paranormal/fantasy with a hint of romance, of the teen variety.  I am hoping to post some teasers from the chapters soon, but this synopsis will have to hold you all over for now:

Mandy is a quiet teenager who just wants to blend in with the crowd rather than stand out as anything or anybody.  Mandy's pretty successful at this until her parents decide it's time to move from Boston to the quiet seaside town of York Beach, Maine,  to "be closer to Nana".  Although Mandy has been vacationing in York every summer since she was a child, she has no desire to live there and is worried about fitting in and finding friends during her senior year of high school. 

Nana owns a flower shop in town and while working alongside her, Mandy makes a few friends and observes the oddities of the little town and its inahitants.  When she finds some old correspondance hidden inside an antique trunk handed down from her Nana, the "oddities" turn into full fledged mysteries.  As she unravels the forgotten and hidden history of the town, she simultaneously unravels her own family's past and current secrets while writing her future.  With bits of romance and paranormal along the way, she is able to figure out the puzzle of the correspondance, the magic she never realized was surrounding her, and visions of the past and future.  Will she walk away from her personal history and her future or will she realize it's ok to be somebody, even if that somebody is nothing like everybody else? 

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