Friday, August 12, 2011

New Excerpt!

I am going on vacation tomorrow for a week, to the same town where my book takes place!  Can't wait to go have some fun, but before I do, I thought I'd post a new excerpt taken from Chapter 2:

  This high-pitched yipping of a little dog stole Mandy's attention.  She looked towards the direction of the noise and saw a little Chiauhua sitting up on its haunches, pawing at the air.  A thin leather leash was attached to his collar, leading up to a squat looking older woman sitting on a chair next to a round table.  Her tan skin was wrinkled like she had smoked too much or sat out in the sun for too long, or maybe both.  Her black hair was too long for her age and pulled bakc into a low ponytail.  Her eyes were like two dark marbles watching Mandy.  Across the little table sat an older man with coarse looking gray hair in a  bad attempt at a comb-over.  He was wearing a brightly colored shirt that was unbuttoned a few too many buttons, showing off tan skin that matched the woman's, but it was buried in gray fuzz.  In the fuzz rested too many glimmering gold chains.  The dog uipped again and pawed the air.  This was the one shop that never seemed to really fit in among the all the other familiar ones, the one Mandy had never visited.  A past-board white sign propped up on the table promised "Psychic Readings by Ms. Ophelia".  In front of the sign sat a glass ball; Mandy supposed it was a gaudy attempt at a crystal ball.  Mandy realized she was staring and quickly turned her head and stumbled a bit backwards.  
“Don’t worry, he won’t bite.  He’s actually very gentle.  He’s been waiting for you; I think he must want to say hello,” the bronze lady said.
Mandy took another slow step back.  “Waiting for me?” she asked.
“You are Dolly’s granddaughter, aren’t you?”
“Oh, yeah.  You know Nana then.”
Ms. Ophelia chuckled.  “Oh yes, Dolly and I go way back.” 
At this the man got up suddenly and disappeared behind the curtain that hung in the doorway.  “Have a seat,” Ms. Ophelia offered.
“Oh, actually, I really should get going.  It’s getting late and…”
            “Don’t worry, Mandy.  I know your Nana wouldn’t mind.”  Ms. Ophelia’s marble eyes burned intently on Mandy, who hesitantly made her way to the now open chair, wondering all the while how she could respectfully excuse herself from this awkwardness.  As she sat she could smell a strong incense burning.  It felt as if it was singing her nostrils.  It must be coming from behind the curtain where the old man had vanished to.
“Reading on me.  What would you like to know?  Past, present, or future?” asked Ms. Ophelia.
“Oh, I don’t really bel…”
“You don’t believe in that stuff, I know.  But you will.  Don’t be shy.  Let me see your palm, Mandy,” Ms. Ophelia instructed.
Obediently Mandy gave the psychic her hand, palm up.  Ms. Ophelia took it in her own hand, which was a bit too hot, like she had a fever.  She began to trace the lines in Mandy’s palm with her fingernail, which was slightly too long and painted a shocking shade of fuscia.  Mandy stared, mesmerized by the fingernail.  They were almost like talons.
Ms. Ophelia inhaled deeply and closed her eyes, all the while her claw-like nail still making invisible pictures on Mandy’s palm.  “Ah, yes, I see it as I knew I would,” she breathed.
“See what?” Mandy asked, curious in spite of her pessimism.
“Shh,” commanded Ms. Ophelia.  She breathed in and out slowly, her nostrils flaring.  The little dog cocked his head and whined.  Mandy was feeling more and more uncomfortable as this continued for what felt like an hour, but was in actuality only about two minutes.  Ms. Ophelia’s eyes suddenly snapped open.
“It’s very clear to me, Mandy, but it won’t be so soon to you.  In time it will reveal itself to you.”
“Who will reveal what to me?”
“Your lines, your roots here, are long and deep.  You cannot deny who you are and what you are destined to become.  It’s why you are here.  You must uncover your past to reveal your future.”
“That is all I am at liberty to say.  Of course, for ten dollars I could tell you a little more,” Ms. Ophelia cackled.
Mandy pulled her hand back annoyed.  This was the reason she had never come to this particular store in this particular town.  Bluffing lunatics!  “That won’t be necessary,” she replied curtly to Ms. Ophelia.
Ms. Ophelia shrugged as if to say “your loss”.  The little dog whined again and Ms. Ophelia bent and scooped him into her lap.  Mandy stood and said, “Um, thanks,” and started to back away once more.
“Oh, Mandy.  One last thing: you might want to start in the antique trunk,” Ms. Ophelia advised as a low chuckle escaped her puckered mouth.

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  1. Hi Rachel! It is very nice to meet you! Blogging is an excellent way to get the info out about your book being out there. Its also a good way for you to make some new friends and get some ideas. There is literally tons of information around here and most of the bloggers and authors are very nice and helpful. You might want to ask some of us for reviews if you feel inclined. I love the pictures even though I've never been to Maine. Let me know if I can help in any way. Hope to see you around!