Thursday, September 8, 2011


Ok I said I was going to post a contest, and here's what I'm thinking...I have decided to turn my first book, Enchanted, into a series and have already begun working on book 2!  I'm about 1/4 of the way still have a way to go, but that's perfect, because you can ENTER TO BE WRITTEN INTO MY BOOK!  Here's how it's going to work:

I will pick one winner at random who will get to be a character in my next book.  I do not promise your character will have a huge role, and I can't promise they won't get killed off, but your first name and a description will be worked into the story.  Your character will have a role to play!  As of right now I am undecided as if the character will be good or evil, but the winner will be notified and interviewed so I can portray them to the best of my ability.  The winner will also got a coupon code to download the as yet to be released ebook for free at  As of right now, all books I write are being self-published only as e-books, so there will not be any actual copies to give out.  However, if you do not have an ereader and are not familiar with smashwords, you can download a copy to read right on your computer, so everyone with access to a computer will have access to the book. 

So hopefully you are all interested and would like to know how to enter:

1.) Buy my first book, Enchanted, only .99 cents!

on the nook:


and at smashwords:

Send me an email that you would like to be entered into the character contest.  You must include the first three words of Chapter 32 in your email to be entered into the drawing.  I can be emailed at:  rwells179 at gmail dot com  

***Please note, buying my book will get you extra chances!!  If you buy my book and email the three words as required above, I will give you three entries into the contest!***

2.) "Like" me at facebook here:!/pages/Enchanted179/252282004803838  Leave a comment asking me to enter you into the character contest.

3.) Follow me on twitter here:!/Enchanted179  Send me a message to enter you into the character contest. 

4.) Follow me on this blog if you are not already!  Leave a comment asking  me to enter you into the character contest.

5.) Mention this contest on your facebook or twitter page, or on your blog if you have one, and then send me a message/comment saying you mentioned the contest and where/how...This will get you 2 more entries!

***I will not assume you would like to be entered just by following/liking me...please leave a comment/message asking to do so and I will gladly enter you.  I don't want to be entering people who might not want to appear in a book, which is why I am requiring the direct comments and messages.

Any of these 4 steps will get you 1 chance in the contest, except for the 1st option and the last option, which will earn you 3 and 2 entries respectively.    So if you complete all 5 steps, you would amass 8 entries!  You do not need to complete all the steps, but the more you complete the more chances you have at winning.

Please do not like me on facebook and leave the first three words of chapter 32 as a comment, because then you will be giving away a requirement to be entered in the drawing.  You may contact me through facebook if you would prefer, just please make sure to send the words in a message so we can keep the contest going smoothly! 

The contest will be open until Sept 30th.  I will announce the winner October 1st on my blog, facebook, and twitter and will contact the lucky new character!  I will contact the winner in the way I was contacted.  If the winner was someone who only emailed, I will email them back, or if it was a facebook comment I will send a message via facebook to that person.  If you have a preferred way you would like to be contacted if you should win, please make note of that in your email or facebook/twitter/blog messages and comments! 

I'm really excited about this contest and hope you are all too...If you are not familiar with my first book, it's a YA paranormal romance....the second book I am working on is turning out to be a bit darker with some really interesting characters and twists going on!  So far I feel it is more fast paced than my first book so I think it will end up being a good read and fun for someone to be part of!  If you like the idea of this contest, please feel free to pass it on to others you know who might be interested!  If you have any questions, feel free to email or contact me through one of the afore mentioned ways!  I'm looking forward to turning one of you into a character my next ebook!!


  1. please enter me in the character contest:

  2. I would like to enter your contest. Once I get to chapter 34 I will send you a message.

  3. I liked you on facebook and would like to be entered into your contest!