Saturday, October 22, 2011

16th Day of Twisted: Guest Post by Ty Hutchinson

It's the 16th day of Twisted, which means I've got Ty Hutchinson, author of Chop Suey.  Happy reading!

I hate writing about writing.

I try to like it but I don’t. Some writers are very good at it. They’re interesting and informative. I’m not. That’s why I let them handle it. I also suck at writing about the industry too. There are a lot of authors out there who have their fingers on the pulse of this business. They can read an article and in minute spit out a blog post breaking it down, complete with opinions. I’m happy to let them own that. I’m also pretty bad at keeping the two big author arguments alive: traditional versus self-publishing and ninety-nine cents versus two ninety-nine. Boy, some authors are really good at sucking people into that debate.

I know it looks like I don’t contribute much to the conversation. You’re right, at least not in that way.

However, I am pretty good at killing people. I push them off buildings. I’ll slice their necks with a butcher knife. I can dismember them. I’ll beat them until they’re almost dead and then let the animals finish them off. I don’t know how I got so good at it. I never took classes. The gift of gutting doesn’t run in my family. Prodigy? Perhaps. In any case, I’ll stick with what I know. This is how I contribute. I hope I’m helpful to other writers in the same way they’re helpful to me.

Excuse me. I’ve got some killing to do.

Ty Hutchinson is a writer living in Northern California. When he’s not writing, he might be traveling, gaming, eating or sharpening his knife. You can buy his latest book, Chop Suey on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s a wickedly funny, action thriller. Visit his blog at for more nonsense.

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